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I once had this gal who was courtin’ me who brought me Pralines, thinking, quite rightly that the way to an old pitmaster’s heart was through his stomach.

I know what you’re a thinkin’. How is it that I had a gal a courtin’ me? Dirty smoky ole bastard that I am. Real good barbecue does strange things to people, so sure enough this gal she was a courtin’ me.

Only problem is I don’t go in much for sugary sweets. There ain’t no art in makin’ em. Any fool with a thermometer and a recipe can make candy. Some of the worst cooks I know make damn fine candy.

So let me help out the next one of you ladies who eats my cue and gets a notion. If you want to impress me,don’t make me sweets,I could teach my cat to do that(he’s a damn smart cat). If you want to win my heart darlin’ you need to learn to judge the heat of a fire just by it’s sound and smell. Learn to make the skin on a hog crisp up into fine cracklins Now that’s somethin’ sweeter to me than any candy.

But, truth be told, those were some damn fine pralines, and I wouldn’t complain too much if she came back round.

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  1. May 9, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    I like this. Especially the last two lines. Great conversational tone. Good images. Nice job.

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