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Camera Obscura

So often the world seems as if it’s been turned upside down.

Like I’m looking at an inverted image.

The poor laborer tells the judge he has no insurance because he cannot afford it.

The judge tells him he must get it or he’ll lose his license.

The laborer says if he has no license, he can’t drive.

The judge says in so many words, tough shit.

The laborer continues to drive.

He comes before the judge again,

for driving on a suspended license.

The judge says he shouldn’t have been driving without a license.

I was trying to feed my family he protests,

I must work.

The judge says again in so many words, tough shit.

Finally he comes before the judge a last time,

he’s driving without a license again.

He goes to jail.

He loses his job.

He loses his wife.

She takes his kids.

When he gets out of jail he’s lost his family and can’t get a decent job.

His crime?

Being poor, trying to work hard and make a life for himself and his family,

but not having enough money to line the pockets of a Godless insurance company that simply must pay seven figure salaries to it’s executives to stay competitive

Never got a speeding ticket, never got in an accident,

got pulled over for a busted headlight he also was too broke to fix,

and he’s the criminal.

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