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I’m a pretty big man,

but my cousin Leroy,

was gentle as a lamb mind you,

he was a real big powerful man.

His daddy was a big man too.

He was an angry drunk and used to beat on his boys somethin’ fierce.

He done this for years, ever since I can remember.

Funny thing about cousin Leroy,

he never seemed to know he’d grown into a big powerful man, much bigger than his daddy,

hell, he’s was bigger than anyone in the county.

He just didn’t see himself that way.

For years we all kept wondering why he just took it like he done.

He coulda whupped the tar outa that mean son of a bitch

I’ll never know why he took that shotgun from the shed,

and did himself like that.

Like I said, he coulda whupped him,

hell he coulda whupped anybody.

But he just felt,


Categories: Poetry
  1. June 18, 2010 at 4:51 am

    Powerful poem. I can just see Leroy. This is sad and tragic and well done.

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