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Kind of Blue, Side B track 1

Everything we write is a message in a bottle.

Alone on an island,

the sea sometimes calm and peaceful,

with waves that undulate in rhythm with our breath and heartbeat.

Other times a storm comes in and we are afraid,

but always alone.

Sometimes we think we receive messages,

but never in a language we fully understand.

We send messages back,

but never know exactly what

if any shore they will land on,

and if they do,

they won’t be understood.

What we are trying to describe is never the same on some else’s island,

so no matter how perfect our message is,

the person who receives it won’t quite see it the same way, even if the language happens to be the same,

even if they are just on the other side of the same island.

We write, we read, but never decipher.

If we ever figured it out,

we’d all be Miles,

we wouldn’t mess around with words anymore,

we’d just pick up our trumpet,

put Gabriel to shame,

and the rapture would come.

Categories: Poetry
  1. June 23, 2010 at 5:23 am

    Quite well done. Very nice poem. Truly.

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