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Game Night Eve

Tomorrow night is game night.

Strange to think how such a simple mid week activity (I work Saturdays) can sometimes make the difference between having the strength to keep on plodding away,

and throwing in the towel.

Game night,

I’m ten years old again, with no concern beyond what lurks behind the next door,

and filled with a sense of adventure that says,

god damn it let’s kick it in, and whoop some monster ass!

I prefer my games to be simple, juvenile, black and white,

none of the emo live action role playing bullshit for me,

give me a bag of Cheetos, a half rack of mountain dew, a big bag of polyhedral plastic dice, and some metal figurines, and some monsters to slay, and dungeons to delve,

and by golly I’m a happy man.

The anticipation of it is enough to get me through one more crappy day,

and a reason to keep plodding through to the next one.

Categories: Poetry
  1. July 9, 2010 at 8:45 am

    LOL…I hope you have an awesome night…can’t wait to read your next post. Have a happy day:)

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