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Dream Image

Google it,

you come up with beautiful women,

fey creatures with gossamer wings,

and idyllic settings with diffuse lighting.

Does anyone actually dream that my little pony shit?

When I remember my dreams,

and I seldom do,

it’s mostly the nightmares that stick with me.

The ones where terrible things are being done to me,

or worse,

I’m doing terrible things to others.

Here’s a dream image for you,

more real than that postcard bullshit

imagine you are cutting small pieces off of someone you love,

force feeding them their own flesh

they vomit, and choke,

but you won’t ever stop,

then you wake up in cold sweat,

and check to see  if the body lying next to you is still warm and breathing,

you get out of bed,

and go down the hall to your son’s room,

just to make sure he’s alright.

Categories: Poetry
  1. July 21, 2010 at 6:17 am

    Yikes! Like the way you turned the prompt on its head. And, it’s certainly imagetic. 😉

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