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Second Coming

That long hair look might have worked in your day,

but I don’t think will fly with your current fan base,

well have to get you a shave and a haircut straight away.

All that giving your wealth away and piling up treasures in heaven instead of earth,

can’t sell that either,

I mean it sounds so socialist, and socialism will definitely alienate your base.

How about focusing on something I can sell to your base a little easier,

can I get you on record saying that AIDS is a plague from God, I think that will play really well

your constituents,

I can really work with that,

and how do you feel about all these Mexicans,

can I get you on the record as being anti-immigration?

I have you on the record as saying we should love our enemies,

I’ll need you to really distance yourself from that remark,

it’s completely unsellable,

if you can make these changes,

then I can work with you,

if not,

we’re done here.

Categories: Poetry
  1. August 2, 2010 at 6:54 am

    Good job with the prompt buddy!

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